Welcome to SSC After Hours

This service allows our users remote desktop access to the SSC lab machines after our regular business hours. We encourage you to try this out and give us your feedback. Please remember, however, that this service is after hours, so immediate support may not be available.

Please send your comments, suggestions and questions to remote@ssc.ucla.edu.


***Please note that due to the suspension of in person instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic all lab computers are available 24/7.  Please be aware that some classes will be using computers from one room during their scheduled class times, so when selecting a lab computer choose accordingly.***

2035B, 2400, 2400A Public Affairs
The computers in 2035B, 2400, and 2400A are available between the hours of 9:00 pm and 7:00 am Monday thru Friday and Fridays, 9:00 pm to Monday mornings, 7am.

*Summer Schedule*
AfterHours begins after 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Bunche 2159
Bunche 2159 is available 24 hours for remote access.   Due to the limited number of computers, idle sessions will be disconnected after 15 minutes.  Disconnected sessions will be logged off after 10 minutes.

Please be aware that these hours are subject to change without notification. All software normally available in our labs is available to you remotely. The machines are set to reboot every morning at 7am.

How to Connect

Please click here for a PDF of step-by-step directions on how to set up VPN and Remote Desktop.

You must have a current SSC lab account.

If you are off campus you will need to download and install Bruin OnLine’s VPN Client. Download the VPN client and refer to the PDF/Step-by-step instructions (Windows users) (Mac users).

Find an available machine from one of the links below.

Log in with your SSC Labs account, typing in your username and password in exactly the same way you would in the lab (on some remote desktop clients, you may have to specify SSCLABS\username in the username field).

Click on the available machine and run the download (OR Enter the full machine name from the list of machines into your Remote Desktop Client. For example: b##.labs.ss.ucla.edu)

You can download the Remote Desktop Connection software from the links below.

UCLA VPN Client: 

                Bruin OnLine’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

Remote Desktop Software

Warning! Please Read:

Note that disconnected and idle sessions will be ended after 15 minutes.

The machines are set to reboot at 7am to prepare for normal business hours. You will be warned and given 10 minutes to save your work.

As with any software you install on your computer please be sure to have a current backup before you proceed and be warned that you proceed at your own risk!