Student creating a lab account at SSC.

Lab Accounts Availability

Available for:

  • Undergraduate students currently enrolled in a Social Sciences course
  • Graduate students within the Social Sciences Division
  • Extension students enrolled in a Social Sciences course who can show verification of enrollment

Your lab account is for your use only. Please do not share it with other people. Lab rules must be followed at all times. Lab accounts must be renewed every quarter. Please review the lab policies for more information.

Creating an Account

For Fall Quarter 2020 we have made the following changes to undergraduate lab accounts:

  1. If you had a lab account during Spring Quarter 2020 or Summer Sessions, 2020, your account has been automatically renewed for Fall Quarter.  You do not need to come to the SSCERT Front Desk or a lab to create the account.
  2. If you did not have a lab account during Spring or Summer, please visit to create your lab account.

Please note that since the labs and the front desk are closed, printing will not be available.

Faculty Accounts

SSCERT can provide accounts for faculty at their respective departments. Please contact your department manager or the Support Desk for further information.