*COMPLETED* CCLE Maintenance and Intermittent Services on Thursday, December 26th from 8am to 5pm

Updated 12/26/19 at 3:15pm: SSC Web group successfully completed the hardware and system upgrades at 2:44pm on 12/26.

We will be monitoring the system for the next couple of days to determine if a second maintenance is needed on Saturday, 1/11/20.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at help@ssc.ucla.edu.

Posted 12/18/19 at 11:48am

SSC Web group will be performing a server maintenance on Thursday, December 26th from 8am to 5pm. During this time, the class sites (https://moodle2.sscnet.ucla.edu) will experience intermittent service disruptions. We will be working hard to minimize our outage time.

This maintenance is to upgrade hardware for the Social Sciences CCLE and to apply vital security patches and general maintenance on the systems. Pending the results of the December 26th maintenance, we may need an additional maintenance, which would result in the class sites being unavailable during SSC’s Scheduled Maintenance on Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 6pm to midnight. We will communicate to you if the January 11th maintenance is needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at help@ssc.ucla.edu. We appreciate your understanding and patience. Thank you!

*COMPLETED* 12/18/19 – NICCO Patches – 6am

Starting from 6am on Wednesday, the 18th, Nicco will be patched and updated.   Once completed, this post will be updated

RESOLVED – Sections dropped from TA Sites hosted on Social Sciences CCLE

UPDATED, 1:08PM, December 13, 2019
I am ecstatic to report that we’ve finished updating the TA sites that we identified as having their sections dropped from the Social Sciences CCLE System. If you or your students are still seeing issues with your TA site as of 12pm today (Dec 13th), please email us at help@ssc.ucla.edu and include the class that you are TAing for so we can look into the site.

If we received an email regarding your TA site after business hours or over the weekend, we will continue to investigate the issue during business hours on Monday, Dec 16th. If it is urgent, please include URGENT in the subject heading so we prioritize your request right away.

I apologize again for the inconvenience and am deeply appreciative of your patience.

Posted 7:19PM, December 12, 2019
The Social Sciences CCLE System (https://moodle2.sscnet.ucla.edu) experienced an issue with loading TA sections from Registrar around 5pm today (12/12). This resulted in the sections from being dropped in TA sites on the Social Sciences CCLE System. This would have affected TA sites who were restricting their sites to their sections only.

We have identify the sites that were affected and are in the process of adding the sections back to the TA sites. Our focus is to fix the sites that have materials due tonight to tomorrow morning. We hope to get to as many sites as we can, but due to low staffing tonight, we will have to resume restoring the rest of the TA sites tomorrow morning starting at 7am.

If you have items on your TA site that your students need to have access to soon, please email help@ssc.ucla.edu and include the course you are TA-ing for so we can move your TA site up on the queue.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I really appreciate your patience with this.